2017 Top Ten Tips by Brow Guru, Shavata

1. Always get your eyebrows professionally threaded. I recommend having regular appointments once every month with a Brow Artist. With regular maintenance they will remain perfectly shaped.

2. Once you have the brows you love, tend to them on a daily basis; it is a lot easier to tweeze one or two stray hairs every day than too many at the end of the week

3. No two eyebrows are ever identical; so don’t even attempt to get them the same as you will end up plucking to nothing. Always remember, “Eyebrows are Sisters not Twins”.

4. When shaping your eyebrows always pluck after a hot shower and in the most natural daylight.

5. When tweezing, always sit in front of a large mirror with a magnified mirror in your hand. This gives you an over-all view and the magnified mirror helps with detail. Move from mirror to mirror. I created the 15 x Mag Mirror, which is the closest you will be able to get to the single hair at the root.

6. The Brow Strengthener is great if you have sparse brows. It helps to stimulate growth of the brow hair between appointments. The more hair you have, the more choice you have for shaping.

7. Good quality tools are essential to achieve a professional finish. My Precision or Slanted Tweezers are a must for efficient hair removal, without pinching of the skin.

8. Once you have tweezed your brows, you will want to apply some Aloe Vera to sooth any sore skin. When you have your brows professional threading at the Brow Studio, all consultations include an application for Soothing Gel.

9. In between appointments you will want to define and shape your brows with makeup, and change up your look from natural for daytime to bolder for evening occasions. I highly recommend our Defining Pencil. You can build the coverage from natural to bold in minutes.

10. If you decide to have your brows professionally shaped and don’t know where to go, always ask someone whose eyebrows you like.

*Image courtesy of Huda Beauty Instagram

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