Semi-Permanent Brow Makeup

Semi- Permanent Eyebrow Makeup by Shavata is delicate and effective. “Lasts up to a year” and provides natural results.

Do you want the most natural looking brows which compliment your face?

Do you want to wake up looking your best ?

Get the perfect colour, shape and size recommend by Shavata*


Our lifestyles are increasingly hectic and it can be time consuming to worry about filling in brows every day, the Semi- Permanent Eyebrow Makeup frees your time and energy. This treatment has also fast become very popular and a growing celebrity beauty trend.

Shavata* will enhance your natural features to create a long-lasting beautiful look, that emphasis your eyes.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup is perfect if the hairs of your brows have gradually decreased over time which can happen for various reasons including over plucking, age or health issues.

Restoring your brows contributes to restoring a youthful appearance.Brows have the ability to communicate without words, beautify without makeup and beat the clock without a scalpel; with semi-permanent treatment, natural long-lasting brows are obtainable for all.

Wake-up each morning with beautiful natural-looking brows ready for the day ahead. Semi-permanent brows are water and smudge proof.


Semi-Permanent Make up also known as Micropigmentation is a procedure that is carried out by a trained specialist to implant coloured pigments into the skin using sterile needles. The treatment requires your full consent and a medical history disclosure as your specialist will need to be sure that you are a suitable candidate for your proposed procedure.

Clients have an initial free consultation to discuss the look they would like to achieve for their brows and the desired colour. A preliminary sketch of what the brows will look like is then drawn; the shape is then perfected and finalized on the day of the treatment.

Initially the brows will be very dark which lasts approximately 5 days, due to the colour oxidising within the skin, but then the brow will fade to the correct shade. Semi- Permanent Brow Makeup will last between 9-12 months. Clients can return anytime in the first 3 months for touchups.

*Appointments with Shavata are available in Knightsbridge or Chiswick Brow Studio. We also have this service available exclusively at Harvey Nichols Manchester with a Trained Specialist.

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