Butterfly Tweezers



Expect unrivalled accuracy and performance finish thanks to these new tweezers. With the usual quality associated with Shavata, these stainless steel tweezers will precisely remove even the shortest hairs. Slanted tweezers remove hair in bulk with accuracy while the exclusive designs add a stylish twist. The silver pouch with a metallic finish designed to be portable for grooming on the go.

Here are some further tips from Shavata on how to use the tweezers and ensure they stay as good as new for as long as possible:

Tweeze when pores are open, after a warm shower or apply warm cotton pads to eyebrows.

When tweezing, use tweezers side ways for maximum accuracy.

Do not drop them as this can damage the tip and throw them out of alignment.

Always keep the tweezers clear while tweezing, in other words make sure that nothing (particularly hairs) gets trapped between the tweezers.

Available in black & white

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