About my Career

I started working as a beauty therapist in 2009 and I joined Shavata in 2010 as a Therapist in Shavata. My passion for beauty has given me opportunities to become from a Therapist to Senior Therapist and National Trainer.

How I got into Beauty

I always had a passion for beauty and I started practising threading at very young age, however I actually started my career as a Beauty/Brow Technician almost 10 years ago.

Love for Eyebrows

It makes me very tempted when I see someone with unruly and bushy eyebrows. No matter where I am or who I meet, the first thing I notice on their face is their brows and I get so drawn to pick up thread and fix their brows.

Creating the Perfect Eyebrows

It’s very important to have perfect framed eyebrows as they are complete expression on a face and if they are not shaped correctly, it changes your entire look such as droopy eyebrows can make you look sad and ages your face.

How I became Senior Therapist

My passion for beauty and working for such perfectionist company has definitely helped me to step up and has given me that confidence where I felt improved. I feel as a senior therapist, it’s not only removing the hairs or doing other bits but it’s changing their entire look.

How I became a Trainer

As a Senior therapist in the company, I always feel valued where my opinions were taken in to consideration so I decided to help and support my fellow colleagues in studios across the country by becoming a Trainer and pass them every single information which I have directly learnt from Shavata over the years. The guidance I have received from my Management is incredible which has polished my confidence to become the National Trainer.

What I love about my job

Being a National Trainer is very challenging yet very exciting too. It gives me the opportunity to travel, train and meet old/new staff and do their training as per company’s set procedures.

It can be tiring at times but I always feel very passionate this and wanting others to progress.

Tell us more about your involvement with the new Shavata Brow Academy

I am very excited to be heading the Academy which launches at the end of this year. It gives people with no threading or brow shaping experience the opportunity to become an expert in the brow field. It covers a wide topic of technique and brow shapes, and is a really in depth course that will make anyone a professional Shavata Brow Therapist in just over 4 weeks! You get to meet the Brow guru herself, so you will really learn from the best!

– Seemi Basharat 

Shavata Academy

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