"Eyebrows are sisters not twins"



Shavata Brow Studios have perfected the art of creating the perfect arch to suit each individual face.


An ancient method of hair removal which originated in the Indian subcontinent, and is now gaining popularity throughout the world. It involves the use of a pure cotton thread, which is manipulated in a certain way to remove unwanted hair from its roots.

Eyebrow Shape £17/€20
Upper Lip £10/€12
Chin £10/€12
Sides £16/€20
Full Face
to include all of the above


Eyebrow Tint £13/€15
Eyelash Tint £19/€24
Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint £28/€35
Head and Shoulder Massage £18/€20


Semi-permanent Lash Extensions:
Six to eight week lashes
Full Set 1hr 30min treatment £100/€120
Half Set 1 hr treatment £60/€70
Refills after three weeks 45min treatment £55/€65
Lash Lift £50/€60
Cluster of Three Lashes without tint
Three to five day lashes:
Full Set £35/€42
Half Set £20/€22
Individual Lashes per pair £3/€4
Removal of Shavata Lashes free
Removal of non Shavata Lashes £10/€10
Removal of Shavata Lashes £20/€25
Removal of non Shavata Lashes £30/€35
Strip Lashes from application complimentary £8/€10


For all Tinting and Semi-permanent Lash Extension appointments, a patch test is required 24 hours prior to your treatment for all new clients.

Blondes are advised to book a tint with your semi permanent lash treatment for a fuller look.


Please do not use any oil based eye makeup remover or cosmetics near the eye area; these will loosen lashes and cause them to fall prematurely. Lashes will start to look less full as your natural lash cycle continues and shedding occurs. Visit a Shavata Brow Studio when lashes look sparse for either the removal or infill service.

60 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge Treatments

Threading / Waxing

 Shavata  Senior Therapist  Therapist
Eyebrow Shape £35 £25 £17
Threading & Waxing (Lip) - £19 £10
Chin - £19 £10
Full Face
To include all of the above
- £75 £53


Eyebrow Tint £20 £15 £13
Eyelash Tint £22 £21 £19


Semi Permanent Lashes, full set - £120 £100
Semi Permanent Lashes, half set - £80 £60
Cluster of Three Lashes, full set - £45 £35
 Cluster of Three Lashes, half set - £28 £20

Facial Treatments:

Biologique Recherche Methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated and raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous procedures.

Soin Lissant (Sculpt, lift and firming). 60 or 90 minute treatment.
This is an immediate reconditioning treatment for thin, sensitive, reactive, and prematurely ageing skin. It hydrates, renews and protects while gently calming the skin.

MC 110. 60 or 90 minute treatment.
This is a re-plumping, restructuring and renewing treatment for devitalised and weak skin.

Lift CVS. 90 minutes only.
This is a complete skincare treatment. It exfoliates, lifts, restructures, firms, hydrates and protects against exterior aggressions. It is recommended for oily skin.

Pure Deep Cleansing. 60 or 90 minute treatment.

FC (Facial care). 40 minute treatment.
This is the follow up treatment to the facials. It is recommended for one week after a facial.

£120 for 60 minutes
£160 for 90 minutes.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Shavata semi-permanent eyebrows at 60 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge

World-class brow guru, Shavata Singh, is renowned for creating the most perfect ‘arch’ going. With over fifteen years of experience in creating stunning semi-permanent brows, she will now offer this exclusive service at Shavata Brow Studios at 60 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, SW3 1NZ.

Brows have the ability to communicate without words, beautify without makeup and beat the clock without a scalpel; with semi-permanent treatment, natural long-lasting brows are obtainable for all.

Over the years, Shavata has perfected the natural looking semi-permanent brow by utilising as much of the natural hair as possible as the hairs will camouflage the makeup, allowing her to perform minimal tattooing. This is the treatment of choice for those with hereditary scarce brows, over pluckers, people who don’t like their brow shape or those recovering from medical treatment that has caused hair loss, and want to sport a new brow.

The Process

Clients have an initial free consultation with Shavata to discuss the look they would like to achieve for their brows and the colour. Shavata draws out a preliminary sketch of what the brows will look like; the shape is perfected and finalized on the day of the treatment.

When the client returns for the treatment a colour is decided. Shavata draws on the new eyebrows to show the client and to act as a guide and applies an anaesthetic cream making the process virtually pain free.

Shavata uses a pioneering technique she calls ‘a blur of colour’ which contributes to her natural look. Shavata only offers a natural look, if a client is looking for dark and severe brows this will not be the right treatment for them. Initially the brows will be very dark which lasts approximately 5-days, due to the colour oxidising within the skin, but then the brow will then fade to the correct colour.

The Result

Wake-up each morning with beautiful natural-looking brows ready for the day ahead. Semi-permanent brows are water and smudge proof, perfect for swimming and long summer holidays.

‘Everyone notices a bad semi-permanent eyebrow job, but no one notices a good one.’ says Shavata

Semi-permanent brows last between 9 months-1 year and cost £600. Clients can return any time in the first 3 months to get any adjustments. Annual follow up appointments will be £400 for each treatment.

To book an appointment contact:

60 Beauchamp Place



0207 112 8990